Cute Purse turned Camera Bag!

December 24, 2011 at 9:03 pm (Photography, Sewing)

For those who follow my blog and have wondered where I’ve been (I went from posting one to two times per week to “I’m lucky if I post once per month” in the course of the past year!)- but anyway- for the past year, I did a 365 Blog where I took a picture a day for a year. In the course of the past year, I’ve become quite obsessed with photography– I’ve upgraded my old Nikon D50 to a new semi-profiessional Nikon D7000, bought 3 new lenses, and countless accessories. How’s a girl to carry all of this equipment when out and about? Last spring, I invested in a Lowepro camera backpack, which is wonderful….except when I want to change a lens. (I have to take the backpack off, and set it down somewhere to open it and change lenses) And I am forever changing lenses! I also made this camera “hip pack”, but I quickly outgrew it. (I still take it with me occasionally, but when I load it up with everything I need, it pulls down my pants. Not good!
Anyway…enough rambling. Into the picture comes…(drumroll please…)….the Kelly Moore Bag! For those of you who don’t know what it is, go research it. They are the most fantastic, adorable camera bags ever! Unfortunately, they come with a hefty price tag (around $200!) Now…I’m not complaining, because, being in the handmade industry, I know what it takes to make it/break even when selling handmade items, but at this point, I just can’t justify spending that on yet another piece of camera equipment (I could put that towards the 28-75mm f/2.8 lens I’ve had my eye on!).

So what is a girl to do? Make her own of course!
I set out to find the perfect purse to turn into a camera bag…not an easy task. I needed pockets (lots of pockets!), a sturdy fabric that was semi thick, but yet still pliable, preferably leather, or something water-resistant, and it had to have a long strap so I could wear it messenger bag style. Finally, after months of searching, buying purses, bringing them home, wearing them and returning them after I didn’t like how they felt, I found the perfect bag on the clearance rack at TJ Maxx. It was a $140 purse on clearance for $30– can’t hate that!
The purse has two main compartments, each with pockets inside of them, and two outside zippered compartments.
I got right to work measuring and cutting, and in less than 2 hours, had a nifty little foam insert with velcro-ed foam dividers to protect my camera and 2 lenses. This little insert is made from 1/2″ foam and beige knitted suede, and it fits perfectly into one of the main compartments. The other compartment is the exact size of my iPad, and will also hold my wallet, keys, phone and anything else I may need. The pockets securely hold my camera’s remote, extra memory cards, cleaning cloth and filters. And best of all– it is so comfortable when I wear it that I barely know I have it on! It’s also great for changing lenses, because the other one is right there at my side, and I don’t need to set anything down. And (yes– there’s more!)– it doesn’t scream “Camera Bag”, so I don’t look like a target to anyone who might want to steal my equipment, and I don’t look like a tourist walking around! Win, win and double win!

So cute, right?

The inside– I took out the camera in the middle so you can see the velcro and the adjustable dividers:

Everything safe and snug inside!

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  1. Kala said,

    You are very creative. Love your handbag/camera bag,

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