Even *More* Stained Glass!

March 11, 2011 at 10:06 pm (Glass)

I haven’t updated in a few weeks- but there was a good reason! Stained glass is difficult to photograph if it isn’t a typical rectangle! My first two pieces were easy peasy to document- they were both rectangles– but my last two pieces were more free form! I finally bit the bullet today and attempted to get them– I say attempted, because I’m still not 100% thrilled with how they turned out, but oh well!

I thought our class was supposed to be 6 weeks, so I planned a more difficult project for my last class. I love Japanese art and I love cherry blossoms so I combined the two into a ‘windchime’ type project. The main base is a cherry blossom branch. The flowers and leaves are made from fused glass that I fired in my kiln before the class. The ‘windchimes’ are 5 different views of a paper crane done in three different colors/views.

The whole piece

Close up of some of the cranes

Close up of the fused glass cherry blossoms

The piece just lying on the ground

Then, as our last class was ending, the teacher suggested that we extend it for one more week because we were having so much fun. So I got to do a bonus project! (Actually, I made two things the final week- but I only photographed one- as soon as the other one is polished up, I’ll add it).
For my “last last” project, I took some of the shells and sea glass I’ve collected through the years and made sort of a stained glass collage.

Some close ups

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The 21st Century Begins…

February 19, 2011 at 2:16 pm (Disney, Glass)

Its pretty obvious from many of the crafts here on my blog that I love Disney. More specifically, I love Epcot, in Walt Disney World, and most specifically, I love anything retro or vintage “Epcot Center” (as it was called pre-1994). I love the colors and simplistic designs used in many of their advertisements, merchandise and logos from that time period. I especially love one of the early logos for Epcot- the 5 rings that interconnect to make a circle, with the rainbow stripes jetting out from the sides of it.

For my second stained glass piece, I payed homage to the “original” Epcot and its earliest logo with this 9″x12″ inch piece.

I used all transparent (or semi-transparent) glass on this piece- here it is with the sunlight streaming through it.

And a side shot to show some of the textured glass that was used.

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Tiki Man Stained Glass

February 11, 2011 at 3:27 pm (Glass)

Last week I wrote about my Stained Glass Work in Progress. It’s no longer a “WIP” – now it’s just a finished piece!

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Stained Glass WIP

February 4, 2011 at 3:48 am (Glass)

Belive it or not, I’ve never done stained glass before (shocker- I know- considering there is rarely a craft I haven’t tackled). I’m fairly proficient at fused glass, and stained glass is only a short jump away….but there are so many more steps involved in stained glass. It’s not just something I can pick up on my own.
So, a few weeks ago when an old college friend of mine called to tell me that he was teaching a stained glass class at a local artists guild, I jumped right on board. I talked another friend of mine into joining the class with me, and now we both really look forward to our Thursday night ladies night out.
I’ve done two smaller sample pieces up to now, just so I could get a feel for the solder, copper foil, and the soldering gun, but now I’m working on my first “real” piece.

My first piece is a tiki man peeking out behind some tropical leaves. Here’s my sketch for my design-


It took me about 15 hours of cutting and grinding to get all the pieces to fit- here it is as soon as I fit the last piece into the “puzzle” (it’s all dirty from the grinder and covered with sharpie markings– but I was proud nonetheless!)

I gave all the pieces a bath (and washed off their numbers….which made putting the pieces back together that much harder!)
Squeaky clean!

Wrapping each piece with copper foil is just slightly less time-consuming than the actual cutting and grinding…

All foiled and ready to solder!

Here I am soldering

Here’s a picture of my friend diligently soldering her piece

She finished hers tonight~

Check back next week to see the finished product!

I’m linking up to the Clip Cafe’s My Wonderful WIP but I can’t figure out how to get the button on here! So follow the link to see what others are working on!

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Etching away…

October 31, 2010 at 8:03 pm (Disney, General Crafting, Glass)

I love etching cream! It gives you such wonderful results with minimal effort! All you need is a blank canvas, a stencil and the etching cream and you can come up with a great finished product!

For a friends upcoming birthday, I made her a set of four beer steins—two each of two different designs. I cut the Yankees logo out of contact paper, applied it to the glass, brushed on the etching cream, and gave it some time to do its magic. About ten minutes later, I rinsed it all off, and was surprised to find out how nice they came out!

Close up of the two logos:


While I was at it, I made a Mickey glass for myself!

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Spring 2010 Glass

May 12, 2010 at 2:39 pm (Glass)

I’ve been so busy lately it seems like I almost have to be forced into finding time to make glass. A springtime craft show “forced” me to take some time to create, and here is some hilights from this batch.





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I Think Mother Nature Took Performance-Enhancing Drugs This Winter…

February 22, 2010 at 2:50 pm (Food, General Crafting, Glass, Photography)

Within the past 3 months, I think New Jersey has seen over 4 feet of snow….we’ve had 3 different major snow storms, each averaging over a foot of snow. In February alone, we had 2 major snowstorms within 5 days—that equals lots of days off from school—which also equals lots of crafting!

To start…a few pictures of all the pretty snow!


I’ve always wanted to see snow on the beach–so last week we went to Seaside.


And how the boardwalk should look—NO BENNIES!!

Since Christmas, my mom and I have wanted to make homemade pasta. What better time to do it, then when you have two days off? First we started with little balls of pasta dough.

Then we rolled them through the pasta machine

Artsy shot of the pasta:

And what goes better with homemade pasta then a fresh pot of homemade sauce?

Mmmmm…..all done. It was delicious!

We were lucky to get the last picture when we did – shortly after we started eating, the power went out due to the heavy snow on the lines. It came on a few minutes later, but it was cool sitting there in the dark, eating homemade pasta, watching the snow swirl around outside of you. That must be what its like to live inside a snowglobe.

The next day brought another snow day, so I made some glass.
Valentines day was coming up. A simple black piece with a hand cut copper heart in the middle:

I was into stripes that day:

Lots of browns and greens – my Brady Bunch collection as I called it….


Two Disney ones:

And clearly, I was wishing it was summer…..

And finally…lots o dots:

And that’s it for now! Although…I hear there’s another snowstorm predicted for the end of the week…..

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Craft Show

December 20, 2009 at 5:21 pm (General Crafting, Glass, Holidays)

Two weeks ago, my mom and I did our first craft show where we sold our fused glass. We didn’t do as well as we had hoped, but it was a good opportunity. In addition to our fused glass, we also sold our “Vino De-Lights”, which are wine bottles with a strand of christmas lights tucked inside, and some decorations adorning the outside.

Here are some of the Vino De-Lights. *Note–we did not drink all this wine! We begged, borrowed and pleaded with friends, family and resturants.

These Sangria Bottles were about the only thing that came from our house:

As was the Evian bottle—which we purchased just because the bottle was so pretty.


Some beachy themed ones—shells and starfish






And just a few pieces of our fused glass—I won’t bore you with all of them!
Some holiday ones:


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Disney Glass

June 3, 2009 at 9:55 pm (Disney, Glass)

Obviously, at some point, I’m going to combine my love of Disney with my love of glass.
And this is what you get….



Fused glass (42)


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Glass: part 982…..

June 3, 2009 at 9:51 pm (Glass)

well….not really, but it feels like I have over 900 posts about glass.
Here is an update from the past month or so….I’m not putting it all up (that would take forever!), but rather just a sampling of my favorites.

One of my newest favorites—a pineapple! It is handpanted with special fuse-safe paint.

I don’t usually go with this many layers on my pieces because they tend to get messed up, but this one came out nearly perfectly!
Fused glass (35)

Another one where I used many layers—and actually had it come out nice. (Trust me—for every one “nice” one on here, there’s at least 4 or 5 more that didn’t come out as nicely. It’s very trial and error)

I love this one—I lined up a bunch of “noodles” (very skinny rods of glass) next to each other.
Fused glass (37)


This one is my mom’s—-but it’s so cool, I had to post it

Another dichroic one—I tried to make it look like it was woven

A few from our “flip flop” series:
Fused glass (40)



One of the most complicated ones I’ve ever made…..a Rock Band Guitar

Simple long one:

Very traffic light-esq
Fused glass (44)

I almost can’t wait for fall to wear this one! I handpanted the tree onto a piece of dichroic glass.
Fused glass (46)

Fused glass (55)

A Wii-mote—-hahaha

Lots of colors:






Fused glass (36)

And last but not least—a strawberry
Fused glass (33)

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