just a few more resin pieces

March 23, 2008 at 2:08 am (Resin)

Heres just a few resin pieces from my latest batch (I also did the three Jeep resin pieces in a different post)

Since St. Pattys day was coming up—-I put some shamrock confetti and glitter together to get these:

Why does candy always look so good in resin? On the top right we have three Jelly Beans, top right are two “razzleberry” M&M’s, and on the bottom is a mini hershey kiss, and it’s plume. The plume say’s “looking good”…..this one is for my sister…..

These are pencil shavings—emptied from a pencil sharpener: (this one really looks better in person)

and two wheat pennies:

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Jeep week.

March 23, 2008 at 1:33 am (General Crafting, Resin)

I’ve done quite a bit of Jeep-related crafting over my spring break.
First up is another bleached shirt (see “bleachy goodness” post).
I bought this shirt on amazing clearance at Kohls and attempted to free hand a jeep design on it. It didn’t bleach as well as my other shirt, but it’s growing on me

A close up of the design

The whole shirt

Next is what happens when you mix shrinky dinks with resin—-custom Jeep Wrangler pendants to be proudly worn on your neck or off of your keys!
Mine: (a little bit of glitter snuck into mine on accident)

My moms: (her’s has just a little bit of glitter)

My sisters: (hers is packed with lime green glitter)

And last—we dyed easter eggs today—here’s my Jeep Egg (not so good—but hey–it’s the best I could do on a round surface using hot wax and dyes…lol)

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*More* resin!

February 26, 2008 at 3:59 pm (Resin)

In an effort to get some decent pictures of my resin, I broke out my SLR camera.
There’s a few new ones in here, and a bunch of some that are already been ‘blogged’ about.

First some new ones:
This is my tribtue to St. Patricks Day—two green M&M’s and green glitter

In keeping with the Holiday theme–Thinking ahead to Halloween:

This is my fishtank in a box. I have a little shrinky dink fish, real leaves cut up into seaweed, clay rubble, and sprinkle bubbles
I’m going to try and re-do that one with a less see-through fish.

I tried to perserve a flower I had gotten for valentines day, but it yellowed. I’m going to try again with a more alive flower petal, and pick it just before I’m going to resin it. This petal had been sitting out for awhile before I actually got it into the resin

More shrinky dinks—this one is a shrinky dink monorail.

Another V-day one. This one I attached a small heart shaped sequin to the outside of it. On the inside I used a thicker glitter and it sank faster then the fine glitter I usually use. Where is that blender? I might have to chop my glitter finer the next time…

3 Mini M&M’s

Haha—“Nerd Alert” is an inside joke with my bf and me. This one has real nerds behind/around the words.

Yet another conversation heart. This one has sprinkles left over from the funfetti frosting I used the other day.

And some better pictures of old ones.
I still love my sushi one:

My sewing room in a box—all done and made into a keychain!

This is my springtime one—it has little easter inspired sprinkles in it

And the “collection” series.
All of the conversation hearts:

All of the M&M’s

All of the sewing-themed ones:

Disney themed ones:

Random candy:



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Mission: Completed—Resin Edition

February 17, 2008 at 11:22 pm (Resin)

Finally! My resin is buffed and ready to be worn. Here are a few of my favorite pieces in all of their shiny glory.
(Now they’re so shiny, it’s hard to get a good picture of them….so bear with me)

Exhibit A: The two that were stuck in the mold last time. They both contain confetti that I collected in Disney. The Cinderella’s Coach and Castle were both on our table when we ate dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table two years ago, and the Mickey head is from when I ate at the California Grill this past summer. (the lighting is harsh on this one–I’ll try to re-take the picture of this in the daylight tomorrow.)

Exhibit B: The two on the ends are the M&M’s from my friends shower. I turn the oval into a keychain, and the rectangle is a neclace. The one in the middle is sushi pictures backed with real rice.

Exhibit C: Here are the LBI beach inspired keychains.

Exhibit D: A random mix—googly eyes with beadies, candy hearts, mickey sticker and wedding M&M’s.

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Resin: The next wave….

February 11, 2008 at 6:02 pm (Resin)

I can’t stop resining! Here’s “wave” two and three of my resin expedition.

First up is some Disney resin pieces. The one on the left is one of my favorites—-it’s just three tiny punched Mickey’s. They are brown, blue, and orange. The one on the right is a piece from an old Disney trivia game I got at a thrift store. I sprinkled glitter on it from the back, and it sunk through the mickey shaped hole, forming a mickey shaped pile of glitter (it’s hard to tell from this picture though)

One more Disney one—and a candy conversation heart– Both of these were done in bottle caps

This was a shirt that I had wanted from Delia’s, but is no longer available—so I printed out the picture and stuck it in some resin:

These two are for a friend of mine. She had these M&M’s made for her bridal shower, and I just came across them. I put them into some resin to turn into a keychain for her and her husband.

Here are some candy inspired resin. The one on the right is more M&M’s from my friend’s bridal shower, the two in the middle are Candy Heart Runts, and the one on the right are springtime sprinkles.

More candy inspiredness—-these are both candy conversation hearts and glitter:

Even more conversation hearts. The one on the left is for my sister who is away at college. The one in the middle is for me–hehe—and the one on the right is just because “go fish” was the most random heart ever.

One last heart. This one is for my bf for valentines day. He emails me all day while he’s at work—on the back is a small mickey confetti too.

Yeah–I’m thinking ahead to Halloween—-but candy corn is one of my favorite foods

That’s it for now! There are two stuck in the mold that I’ll have to add later.

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January 23, 2008 at 4:27 pm (Resin)

About two weeks ago, I took to the concept of using Epoxy Resin to suspend stuff in. I spent a few days researching the different types of resin and how to use each safely. Then I went around and collected items to be forever suspended in Resin. After purchasing the products I needed from Michaels, I came right home and got to work.
Here are pictures from my first set of resined items. I haven’t buffed them to a shine yet, or decided what type of jewerly each will become, but I’m pretty excited at how well these came out.

The first one comes from my apparent love of all things Disney. It is a Mickey sticker with some hand mixed glitter. I mixed gold star, red and black glitter to achieve the “Mickey Effect”. Of course, it’s poured into a heart shaped mold.
I love mickey

This one is a tribute to my former job at Rag Shop. I took a piece of our lanyard and set it with some glitter. On the other side is a piece of our cut slip. I cut out the area with the decimal to fraction equivalent. Those numbers will be forever embedded in my head, but I thought it was a true geek way to remember Rag Shop.
my rag shop tribute

This one is a throwback to my home—the Jersey Shore. I went to Long Beach Island (in the middle of January, nonetheless) and combed the beach for mini shells. I also took a cupfull of sand home with me to complete the project. The two bigger ones I plan on turning into keychains, and one will be sent to a friend who has had to move away from “the shore”. I can’t wait to see these when they’ve gotten polished—I hope it looks like shells and sand in water.
LBI sand and shells

I call this one “I see you….”. It’s two googlie eyes with scrapbooking “beadies”. I think this one will make a cute neclace. It’s really fun to shake it and watch the eyes move.
i see you!

This one is for my sister—the engineer. Our tv had broken days before I did this, and in true geek style, my family didn’t throw it out until we could take it apart. My sister took these parts and suspended them in some resin, along with a few beadies from the “I see you…” pendant that snuck in. I believe she wishes for hers to be turned into a neclace.
tv parts

This one is for me. It is an old sewing machine charm I used to wear, but the clasp broke. Being a crafter, of course I didn’t throw it out, and it came in handy here. I paired it with a mix of blue and purple glitter.
I call it “sew in love”
old sewing machine charm

This is a personal favorite. I think because it’s just so bright–this is another one I can’t wait to see polished. It’s a blue M&M surrounded by non-parels. I might turn this one into a ring.

This is another favorite of mine. Basically I just walked around my sewing room and picked things up off of the floor. In this one you’ll find a few straight pins, a blue safety pin and a purple button. Here’s the front:
Sewing inspired

And here’s the back. I think I may turn this into a keychain.
the back of it

I’m happy with the way these came out and I’m ready to expand. I bought ice trays and measuring cups at a thrift store. I plan on using the ice trays to make multiples of the same sized object, and the measuring cups to make coasters. I also want to stick those Disney postage stamps onto wood, resin it, and turn them into keychains.

All of this talk of suspending things in resin reminds me of one of my favorite Golden Girls quotes: (as said by Sophia) “If God wanted peaches suspended in mid-air, He’s have filled em with helium!” She would have been proud of my random things suspended in resin…..

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