My name is Dana, I’m 27 years old ~ and if it was socially acceptable, crafting would be my life.
I am a self-proclaimed “crafterpreneur” and am always looking to create “the next big thing”—although once I’ve made something once, I’m happy and ready to move onto the “next big thing” πŸ™‚
If you ever see something you would like to purchase, do not hesitate to contact me. I can create an etsy listing for you.
Enjoy my creations!


  1. Jane Krychiw said,

    Hi Daners!!!!

    I love you blog!!!!! I wil have to make one for me. Would that bother you?

    I rolled at the Adult Chapstick cozies! I really love the ice cream cone purse too. Kylie would love one of those soon. I don’t ever remember seeing that before.

    Your felt Jeep continues to AMAZE me. I guess you have to be a college grad to figure it out to scale. Well done!

    Keep up the crafting!


  2. Jean Wnuk said,

    Thanks for sharing the info about the felt Jeep. Now I have spend about an hour looking at all of your amazing creations. My dream is to have free time to craft! Love the sushi scarf.

  3. Lizzy said,

    I happened to be searching for Geek Crochet patterns. I found your blog and it amazes me. You have made some really awesome creations and I can’t wait to see more!

  4. Leigh said,

    i like the sushi you made.

  5. BRENDA said,

    I LOVE YOUR WORK!! Please join my community to display your custom items!!

  6. laura and maddie said,

    we wer wondering how you make those keyring things with the little thinhgs in?

    • sewin2disney said,

      I think you are referring to the resin keychains? Resin is a two part mixture that after mixed and allowed to set, dries almost clear. Resin can be found in most craft stores, and you just bascially follow the directions on the box and let your imagination run wild!

  7. laura and maddie said,


  8. Wendy Haynes said,

    Dana~I just purchased some sculpey clay for my daughter to make some disney items…she just returned from her disney make a wish trip. Would you share with me how you made the disney mickey heads from the white and black and the castle? If not, I perfectly understand since you may sale them…just looking for a project for her πŸ™‚

    • sewin2disney said,

      No problem– I used a pasta machine (I use it only for clay!) to roll the clay out super thin, and then I used a scrapbooking paper punch to punch out the Mickey shapes, and glued them onto round clay pieces before baking. I hope that helps and I hope you had a great trip to WDW!

  9. Wendy Haynes said,

    thank you so much. I tried rolling it by hand to use a punch and it just ended up a big mess. Thank you for sharing!

    • sewin2disney said,

      Yeah- I would definitely see if you can obtain an old pasta machine (I got mine at a garage sale)– not only does it make it really thin, it compresses it a bit to make it sturdier to punch. Although, maybe you could try glueing on some paper punched pieces after baking and sealing it with Modge Podge

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