Camera Bag

January 15, 2011 at 7:36 pm (Photography, Sewing)

Since I’ve been practicing my photography more lately, my mind has been in overdrive trying to design a way to carry extra lenses and other photographic paraphernalia with me.
I know there’s the tired and true photography vest- but really? Its hideous. It comes in beige and black (and while those are the two staple colors in my monochromatic wardrobe, it just doesn’t work for me on a photography vest). Not to mention, they are not figure flattering, and they’re made for men.
I tried to design a women’s fitted vest with various pockets. I designed it so the back would be made out of feminine lace, the pockets would be lined with trim or ribbon, and there would even be a pocket for your chapstick. But then I realized it still wasn’t practical. I wouldn’t be able to wear it in the winter because I’d have a coat on, and in the summer, it might get too hot having an extra layer on.
Onto plan B. A backpack seemed logical, but I don’t want to have to stop, put down the backpack, change lenses, then put it back on— I wanted something where I could reach whatever materials I needed with little or no fuss.

So–this wonderfully 80’s “hip pack” was born (no, it is NOT a fanny pack—or I wouldn’t wear it). Is it fashionable? Heck no. Does it look better then a frumpy made-for-a-man vest? Heck yes!

Here’s an overall view.
It has 2 main compartments. The back compartment can remain open, or there is a snap in the middle to hold two lenses (or a lens and a flash unit, or a lens and a water bottle, or whatever) upright. The middle compartment has one large area, and two smaller pockets (cell phone and filter sized!), and on the front is a smaller pocket for a pen and whatever else you may need to carry with you (chapstick?).

View from the top.

The main back pocket- unsnapped. Very well padded to protect your lens!

Close up of the middle pocket which has two smaller interior pockets.

I also made one for a friend in a different color.

What do you think? Would you wear this?


  1. Trish ~ ♥ ~ said,

    You bet I would and I will!! thank you so very much, you should post it for one of 365.

    • sewin2disney said,

      I checked Etsy– there’s nothing else like this out there. I wonder if I made them and sold them on Etsy if people would buy it. I think I’ll add a link to it on my next “I Learned”, and get feedback from everyone else.

  2. 1.19.11 ~ 19/365 « Snapshots of Time ~ 2011 ~ 365 Day Project said,

    […] for individuals to sell handmade items). If you don’t mind taking a minute- could you follow this link to my post about my camera bag and let me know what you think. Would you buy/use this? What […]

  3. Daniele Valois said,

    I love this! I would wear it. My only concern is how padded the bag is. Will it protect my camera?

    • sewin2disney said,

      I actually didn’t design it to hold my camera— its for when I’m out taking pictures- just to hold extra lenses and “stuff”. The camera would be around my neck, and this would just be a convenient place to hold my accessories.
      It is fairly well padded with 3 layers of fabric- a quilted outer, cotton lining and a layer of interfacing in the middle to give it stability. Since it doesn’t actually hold the camera, I think it is padded enough for my lenses.

  4. Courtney said,

    First off, it’s super cute! Love your choose of fabric! I agree with Daniele wondering how much padding is in there. Where would you put the camera?? Will it hold the camera with a zoom lens attached or do I have to take it off to put my camera in the bag. Is there a flap to cover the bag incase it rains? (I don’t actually care about this since my bag doesn’t have one but I know some photographers are concerned about that) I love all the little extra pockets. Is there a zipper pocket so I can put my keys, cell, and ID if I’m doing a photo shoot?? I like how it is smaller and would encourage me to carry less stuff :O) Way to go to design such a functional bag!!

    • sewin2disney said,

      Thanks- see above for the first half of your questions 🙂
      I was considering a hidden zipper on the back for keys/wallet/etc- that way it wouldn’t be easily accessible, or even noticible. I’ll put that into the next model.
      Thanks for the input!

      • Courtney said,

        Oh, I get it now :O) I like this idea of having a little bag for just the extra lens and keys, phone etc. Great idea!

  5. RUNA said,

    Great bag, specially the pockets 🙂 was searching the internet for a good camera bag tutorial and found your bag 🙂 you must do a tutorial too and of course it’ll sell like hot cakes!

  6. Daner Designs said,

    […] set it down somewhere to open it and change lenses) And I am forever changing lenses! I also made this camera “hip pack”, but I quickly outgrew it. (I still take it with me occasionally, but when I load it up with […]

  7. Keri said,

    So… You wear this bag on a belt through the snapped pocket? If so, will the weight of the lens(es) unsnap the bag? Could the belt be “flossed” through another area?

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