Care Package #2 – 12 Days of Christmas

December 4, 2012 at 8:37 pm (Uncategorized)

I already posted Care Package #1 here and I mentioned that I was stoked to share my second care package!
Like I mentioned in my other post, my fiance will be deployed for the holidays. We celebrated his birthday, Halloween and Thanksgiving before he left, and decided to save our anniversary and Christmas for when he returns. But– I just can’t let Christmas go by without sending him something! He said he really didn’t want anything because he was afraid he wouldn’t have room for it on the way home, so I tried to send a lot of food/snack items or things that he could share so it wasn’t a lot to bring home. I didn’t just want to load up a box and ship it off, so I came up with a “12 Days of Christmas” theme. I sent him 12 individually wrapped gifts, each corrisponding to its numbered day. He will be instructed to only open one item a day for the 12 Days of Christmas.

My favorite item that I’m sending is this– I found this cute little soldier snowman, and I painted on the USAF logo to personalize it.

Honestly– how cute is that? I am so in love with it!

Here’s an overview of everything I sent (followed by an explination below it)

The 12 Days of Christmas:
1- One snowman decoration
2- Two fuzzy socks
3- Three Rutgers golf balls
4- Four cans of Play Doh (to share!)
5- Five Monster granola bars (his favorite trail mix in a granola bar form)
6- Six pack of gum
7- Seven pack of chocolate almonds 100 calorie packs (his favorite almonds!)
8- Eight life savers
9- Nine kisses (hershey kisses)
10- Ten reasons I love him (not pictured– I typed them up, and then wrapped them around a plastic candy cane filled with M&M’s)
11- Eleven pictures of us in a photo album
12- Twelve candy canes

So see? Mostly food or stuff he can share– and what he does have to take home is small. I wrapped it all up with glitter tissue paper and labled them with cute 12 Days of Christmas tags I found on Pinterest.

I also went to the dollar store and got a cute stocking and wrote his name and the Air Force logo on it with glitter, and put some of the smaller packages in it.

Here’s everything wrapped up and ready to go!

And finally– I couldn’t send a plain care package, so I covered the inside of the box with wrapping paper, and threw in a few other little things (some holiday Reeces and Snickers bars, a Christmas rubix cube, etc) and packed it all up!

I’m hoping we can use Face Time when he’s opening some of these gifts so I can see his reaction. He usually waits until we Face Time to open stuff so its like I’m there with him. I hope he loves it all!

ETA: I grabbed some screen shots of him opening his gifts! So far he loves the stocking, the snowman and socks!






  1. Jo, My Gosh! said,

    I found you through Love From Home’s Be Inspired series! My fiance is also deployed (and I blog about it, too! šŸ™‚ ). I hope you can facetime with him– I bet he’ll be absolutely stunned by the package!

    • sewin2disney said,

      I made him open day one a day early just so I could watch him- I think he loved it! (guys are so hard to read…lol). I’ll have to check out your blog as well!

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