Care Package #1

November 28, 2012 at 11:44 pm (Food, General Crafting)

My fiance is deployed for the holidays, so I’ll be keeping his spirits up with some care packages. Here’s the first one I sent out to him– it’s a combination Halloween/Birthday/Bits from Home theme–

Besides a birthday present from my mom (I had already given him my presents) I made him some airplane cookies:

All wrapped up in wax paper for their long journey!

Since I can’t be there to light the candles and sing to him, I wrapped it up and glued the candles to the ribbon. I hope he likes it!

I also made him this– a latitude/longitude keychain featuring the coordinates of where he is and where I am, seprated by a heart.

(This keychain can be purchased from my Etsy shop here )

And a little overview of everything I sent him– an Advent calendar to count down to Christmas, a People magazine so he can see everything that happened here with Hurricane Sandy, some Nutella (he had mentioned that he missed eating Nutella), a bag of candy corn, two bags of his favorite trail mix, the keychain pictured above, his cookies and a gift from my mom.


Care Package #2 will be posted as soon as he gets it– and this one I am stoked to show off! Stay tuned!

ETA: he loves the advent calendar I sent to him!



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