Halloween Wrap-Up

November 19, 2012 at 2:03 am (Food, General Crafting, Holidays)

My fiance’s office had a Halloween party where families could bring their kids and let them go trick or treating through the building– everyone was asked to dress up, and we all brought a snack for the party afterward.

I made Witch’s Fingers Chocolate Covered Pretzels– they were so easy!  I melted down green chocolate wafers, dipped some pretzel rods into them, and then pressed a sliced almond onto the end for the fingernail.  They looked freakishly realistic yet totally awesome at the same time!

For our costumes, I wanted to do something awesome, but I had the large problem of not having a sewing matching out in Washington, so whatever we were had to be something that could be “constructed” without sewing.  After much deliberation (and Pinning), I came up with the idea of being Where’s Waldo, and his girlfriend Wenda.  I figured we could go to a thrift store and find red striped shirts (and a denim skirt for me), and at the very least, we could get a white shirt and paint it.  Lo and behold, we hit up a Goodwill one night, and within minutes each had a red striped shirt, a red hat, and I even found the perfect denim skirt.  A trip to Walmart a few nights later got me red stockings and red and white striped socks!  The black glasses were courtesy of the dollar section in Michaels.  All in all, both of our costumes combined cost less than $20 and we were a hit at the party!


We also carved our first pumpkin together.  Nothing major (or elaborate, as I usually do!), but it still turned out cute.


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