Handmade Ornaments

November 24, 2011 at 11:36 am (General Crafting, Holidays)

I’m getting into the Holiday crafting spirit a bit early this year- but there’s a good reason!
My boyfriend is in the Air Force, and for the past 7 months has been stationed in Afghanistan. He just came home, about a week before his birthday, but unfortunately, “home” still isn’t near me. Thankfully, he had a stopover at an airport about 4 hours from me, so I was able to take some time off of work to go down and meet him at the airport. Since his birthday is right around the corner, I got a move on my crafting to make sure I had it finished in time for me to bring down with me. For his birthday, I decided to make him up a starter box of ornaments (he’s never had his own place before, and therefore has absolutely *no* ornaments/decorations- that’s no way to spend your holiday!). I ended up giving him a mix of homemade and store-bought ornaments, but each ornament had a specific reason.
Without further adu…the ornaments, and the explination of how/why I made them:

#1- “Staching Through the Snow”- I hand painted the mustache and wrote “Staching Through the Snow”, and filled it with glittery “snow”– apparently it’s some Air Force tradition to grow out a mustache when you’re deployed- and it’s been the source of many of my jokes towards him (all in good humor of course!).

#2- Poker- one of his favorite passtimes while away was playing poker (and he even won quite a few tournaments!), so I made him these two ornaments out of wooden blocks, scrapbook paper and Poker scrapbook stickers.

#3- Scrabble- another favorite passtime for him is to play me in Words With Friends, a scrabble app on our iPods.

#4- Giants- he’s a huge Giants fan, so I took a glass circle, and using etching cream, etched the Giants logo onto the glass. After it was done, I rubbed a Sharpie marker over it to “tint” it.

#5- Jersey Shore- we’re both from the good ole Jersey Shore, and he’s mentioned more than once that he misses the beach in the summer, so I took beach sand and shells and filled the ornament with his own little piece of the Jersey Shore. The other ornament is purchased- it just says “Jersey Shore” with a picture of a snowman on the beach.

#6- The Distance Between Us- we know that a long distance relationship is going to be difficult, but we’re ready to tackle it– this ornament has two hearts connected by a line- one heart for me in NJ and one for him in WA.

#7- 27 Reasons for your 27th Birthday- this ornament is filled with 27 little origami stars- each star begins as a strip of paper, and on each strip I wrote one reason why I like him before folding it up. Don’t worry- he’ll know what they say- I also wrote them on a separate sheet of paper to give to him as well!
A picture of the strips of paper before they were folded-

#8- This one was purchased- he’s a huge fan of his alma mater, Rutgers.

#9- Two airplanes- he’s a pilot, so this was a no brainer- one is a red, glittery biplane, and the other is a glass blown airplane-

#10- Air Force star- found this one in a little shop in Lancaster- it was the ornament that gave me the idea for the whole gift!



  1. 11.23.11 ~ 327/365 « Snapshots of Time ~ 2011 ~ 365 Day Project said,

    […] see the rest of the ornaments, click here I’ll let you know if he loves his present tomorrow! GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); […]

  2. jane said,

    can you please share how you made the long distance ornament (materials?). thanks!! love it.

    • sewin2disney said,

      It’s actually just a shrinky dink! I found white shrinky dinks at Michaels and cut out a United States outline that was about 7 inches wide. The heart and dotted line are just sharpies. Easy peasy!

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