Fall Gala Dress

November 20, 2011 at 10:43 pm (Sewing)

…yet again I’ve let waaaay too much time go between blog posts. I promise, I’m still here, but I’ve been caught up in my new job that crafting has had to take a back seat 😦 .
I pulled myself out of my anti-craft slump by giving myself a large project to tackle– a semi-formal dress. My school was having a large formal fundraising gala and I needed something to wear- this was the perfect excuse!

The pattern was a Jessica McClintock- with very detailed bodice (nearly twenty pieces in the top alone!). I ended up making a cotton bodice out of scrap material just to make sure the pattern would fit okay, and thankfully it did with very little alterations!

Now, don’t be fooled- it may look nice all done, but it was a pain to sew! It took nearly three Saturday’s to finish (with pretty much one whole day being dedicated to cutting– between the dress, the lining and the interfacing, there was over 50 different pieces. Then the bodice had to be made twice because the interfacing was causing the fabric to bunch and not sew properly. Ugh. Anyway– I’m pretty happy with the way it came out and got many compliments on it the night of the gala!

Close up of the bodice:

And the whole dress- I love this fabric to pieces! It reminds me of something Chrissy Snow might wear on Three’s Company 🙂


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