Belmar Sandcastle Contest

August 5, 2011 at 10:57 pm (General Crafting)

Even though it’s just on the beach, it still counts as a craft– sand art anyone?
Every year, for one day in Belmar, NJ, hundreds of people flock to the Jersey Shore in hopes of taking the top prize in their Annual Sandcastle Contest. I’ve lived at the Jersey Shore for 28 years, but have never once entered, let alone even gone to the contest, but on a whim this year, my sister and I decided to enter.

We decided to make a camera that was taking a picture of a sand castle- here’s the first layer of the camera:

Here’s the camera- almost done being built:

And all done!

Just the camera:

A few weeks before the actual contest, we went to the beach to do a trial run (to make sure we could actually do this!) and that day, we took a picture of the castle– we then printed it out as an 11×14 so we could attach it to the back of the camera as if it was the LCD screen showing you what you were taking a picture of.

….and in case you were wondering– we took 3rd!


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