Engagement Card

August 5, 2011 at 10:23 pm (General Crafting)

April? April? I haven’t posted something on here since April? I’m lagging! I’m racking my brain even thinking if I’ve crafted a single thing in that time- I know May was a busy month with my sister graduating college, and then her and I went to Disney, and I guess June and July were just spent lying poolside or beachside (which isn’t so bad :)), and here we are in August. I guess Mother Nature is to fault– Unfortunately, we have barely seen two drops of rain this summer- and rainy days are when I do my best crafting. Oh well- I’m crawling out of my anti-crafting slump, unfortunately, its only with this card.
A friend of mine got engaged this past weekend, and I needed to make a card that a large group of people could sign- so where does one go for inspiration these days? Pinterest of course! (If you haven’t discovered Pinterest yet, seriously do yourself a favor and go Google it after you’re done reading this).
Based on some inspiration I saw on Pinterest- I came up with this:

Seriously- who doesn’t love glitter?


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