Even *More* Stained Glass!

March 11, 2011 at 10:06 pm (Glass)

I haven’t updated in a few weeks- but there was a good reason! Stained glass is difficult to photograph if it isn’t a typical rectangle! My first two pieces were easy peasy to document- they were both rectangles– but my last two pieces were more free form! I finally bit the bullet today and attempted to get them– I say attempted, because I’m still not 100% thrilled with how they turned out, but oh well!

I thought our class was supposed to be 6 weeks, so I planned a more difficult project for my last class. I love Japanese art and I love cherry blossoms so I combined the two into a ‘windchime’ type project. The main base is a cherry blossom branch. The flowers and leaves are made from fused glass that I fired in my kiln before the class. The ‘windchimes’ are 5 different views of a paper crane done in three different colors/views.

The whole piece

Close up of some of the cranes

Close up of the fused glass cherry blossoms

The piece just lying on the ground

Then, as our last class was ending, the teacher suggested that we extend it for one more week because we were having so much fun. So I got to do a bonus project! (Actually, I made two things the final week- but I only photographed one- as soon as the other one is polished up, I’ll add it).
For my “last last” project, I took some of the shells and sea glass I’ve collected through the years and made sort of a stained glass collage.

Some close ups



  1. Jeff Heimbuch said,

    I’m jealous of your stained glass making skills…I need to learn how to do this, because these look awesome!

  2. Flower Photography said,

    Love them the shell one is extra pretty!

  3. ostranderblog said,

    I LOVE these shells! gorgeous….

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