The 21st Century Begins…

February 19, 2011 at 2:16 pm (Disney, Glass)

Its pretty obvious from many of the crafts here on my blog that I love Disney. More specifically, I love Epcot, in Walt Disney World, and most specifically, I love anything retro or vintage “Epcot Center” (as it was called pre-1994). I love the colors and simplistic designs used in many of their advertisements, merchandise and logos from that time period. I especially love one of the early logos for Epcot- the 5 rings that interconnect to make a circle, with the rainbow stripes jetting out from the sides of it.

For my second stained glass piece, I payed homage to the “original” Epcot and its earliest logo with this 9″x12″ inch piece.

I used all transparent (or semi-transparent) glass on this piece- here it is with the sunlight streaming through it.

And a side shot to show some of the textured glass that was used.



  1. Jeff Heimbuch said,

    Im super impressed with this…Retro Epcot is the best, and this is a fantastic piece!

  2. tavie said,

    Gorgeous, absolutely stunning. I would buy this.

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