Barbie Birthday Card

January 10, 2011 at 12:11 am (General Crafting)

I’ve been so busy with working on improving my photography, I haven’t gotten “down and dirty” in my sewing room lately!
In case you didn’t know, I’ve started working on a 365 Project on a new blog- no more photography on this blog- I’m going to keep this true to my crafting.
If you want to follow my “photo a day for a year” blog, go here:

Anyway- I know this is a sad excuse for a “craft”, but considering I haven’t really done anything in a month, it’ll have to do. And I promise there will be more soon!

My childhood friend’s birthday is coming up next week. We grew up a few houses away from each other, and even though we were 5 years apart, for the first 15 years of my life, all I can remember is playing with her. The one thing I have the fondest memory of is playing Barbies on our front porch. We’d spread out a large blanket, and spend the afternoon dressing up our dolls.

Last week on facebook, my friend mentioned that she’s had a hard year, and for her birthday this year, she wants nothing more to “act like an 8 year old” which compelled me to send her a Barbie themed card as a throwback to our childhood.


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  1. Gina said,

    happy birthday!!!

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