So This is What It’s Like Living Inside of a Snowglobe…

December 31, 2010 at 8:44 pm (Photography)

On the day after Christmas, Mother Nature dumped over 2 feet of snow on the Jersey Shore. For the week prior, we were told that we were getting an “epic storm”, then the meterologists said we were getting nothing more than a dusting, then it went back to a storm of epic porportions. We were forecasted to get between 10-15 inches, but when it was all said and done we got over 24 inches. That, plus the 60+ mph winds equaled blowing snow, snowdrifts up to 5 feet, and a state that was basically shut down for almost 3 days!
Of course, the day after, I had to venture out with my camera to document it all!

The night before – we only had about 8 inches at this time.
Christmas Snow 2010 (15)

I love how my Mickey lights look here!
Christmas Snow 2010 (18)

The glow of the lights under their own little blanket of snow.
Christmas Snow 2010 (19)

Christmas Snow 2010 (57)

The view down the street before the plows came…
Christmas Snow 2010 (60)

My absolute favorite picture from the day…the heat from the lights melted the snow around them, and then it re-froze into a little icy sheath.
Christmas Snow 2010 (132)

Another light
Christmas Snow 2010 (137)

I love the fact that I can take berry pictures in my own front yard—this is always one of my first stops after the snow falls….
Christmas Snow 2010 (119)

Some pinecones from a tree in our front yard
Christmas Snow 2010 (164)

Snow up to my waist!
Christmas Snow 2010 (172)

After the plows came through, we ended up with a 10+ foot pile in our front yard…..I jumped off like a child…
Christmas Snow 2010 (216)

Christmas Snow 2010 (67)

Even though Consuela, my Jeep is a warm weather gal, she does look awesome surrounded by snow!
Christmas Snow 2010 (82)

That poor snowman you saw in the first picture? He had basically dissapeared by the following morning…
Christmas Snow 2010 (94)


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  1. Flower Photography said,

    I lve these images makes me so much want to come and see some snow šŸ™‚

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