December 26, 2010 at 9:01 pm (Holidays, Photography)

We’ve had our tree up in our house since Thanksgiving night—and that was the first night I played with bokeh—but now that its the day after Christmas, I realize that the trees’ days (and my opportunity to play with bokeh) are numbered! What better way to waste away a snowy afternoon then to play with shaped bokeh. Here’s some of my favorites:
(note: ugh–I had left my camera on ISO 1600, so ignore the slight grain. I should have realized that I was able to “hand hold” these pictures without blur—duh Dana—it’s because your ISO is ridiculously high!)

Fluffy (being a good sport—its hard to catch her not moving!)
fluffy bokeh (10)

shaped bokeh (14)

Mickey with Tinkerbell bokeh
shaped bokeh (18)

“Life’s a Beach” with palm tree bokeh
shaped bokeh

New Years Toast!
shaped bokeh (4)

My new clutch! (check out that purse shaped bokeh!)
shaped bokeh (9)

Poinsettias—my least favorite. It’s so difficult to capture the details on the petals!
shaped bokeh (12)


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