Goodwill Goodness

December 22, 2010 at 3:26 pm (Sewing)

So the other day, I posted about a wool sweater turned mitten/hat set that I made as a prototype. Today, I am proud to show off the “real” set!

I bought this wonderfully tacky, 100% wool sweater
Goodwill sweater

I fell in love with its cute little reindeer
Goodwill sweater (2)

And pretty stars
Goodwill sweater (1)

And the price! (Blue was half off that week!)
Goodwill sweater (4)

I stuck it in everybodys load of laundry for a week until it had sufficiently shrunk. (Why is it that if I had a wool sweater that I didn’t want to shrink, it would shrink in one shot, yet this one took 6 washings to shrink?)
Goodwill sweater (11)

Next I made a pattern. The mitten was made by tracing my hand and adding a half an inch seam allowance, and the hat was made by taking my head circumfrence, dividing it by 5 (the amount of panels I wanted), and trimming it to make a point.

Goodwill sweater (6)

Pinning and cutting out…
I laid the mittens out on the sleeve so that I could use the ribbing as the cuff on the mitten.
Goodwill sweater (8)

After an hour or so of sewing, plus adding in some fleece lining for itch protection and added warmth, I was ready to show them off!
Goodwill sweater (15)

Artsy-fartsy shot of the mitten in the tree:
Goodwill sweater (18)

Full set
Goodwill sweater (19)

Just the mittens (which are sooooo warm!)
Goodwill sweater (22)

And the lining on the hat:
Goodwill sweater (23)

I’m off to Goodwill in a little while to look for more sweaters!


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  1. 25 Years of Gingerbread Houses « Daner Designs said,

    […] And here’s what I looked like in 1986 (and we still have, and display that snowman!) Wish I could say the same for that sweater—wouldn’t it make great felted mittens? […]

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