New Clutch!

December 18, 2010 at 8:22 pm (Sewing)

If you know me, or follow my blog, you know that I love purses, namely clutches! Lately, I hate carrying around a large purse, and have been able to pare down what I carry with me-
The Essentials:
~hand sanitizer

The problem with most clutches is that they are slightly wider and thinner, and therefore can usually carry only my wallet and phone, but having my camera with me is very important, so I’ve been working on making a “thicker” clutch (see “Expand-A-Clutch”)

Here is my latest design, based off of a Keyka Lou Pattern

Keyka Lou Purse (11)

The strap folds over from the back and bottom, making the strap, plus it adds added security to the main pocket, and not to mention visual interest!

The back features a thin pocket that just so happens to be the perfect size for my wallet!
Keyka Lou Purse (12)

The clutch has Amy Butler cotton on the outside, and a microsuede lining. It is padded with both interfacing and fusible fleece for protection and stability.

Keyka Lou Purse (17)

That’s not the only one I made though—I made a prototype first—the green one on the right is slightly smaller, and will be a gift for my sister. Its made of a twill print cotton, with a cotton lamé lining.

Keyka Lou Purse (18)

Keyka Lou Purse (7)

The lining looks very blue here, but it is a yellow/green two tone fabric.

Keyka Lou Purse (4)

Keyka Lou Purse (5)

Keyka Lou Purse (8)

Close up of the buttons I added because the fabric was so plain.

Keyka Lou Purse (10)

What do you think? They came out so nice, I’m thinking of listing some on Etsy. They’re not the easiest or quickest to make, but they look very professional when done.

We all know the quest for the perfect clutch is far from over though!


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