What Was I Thinking?

December 17, 2010 at 4:04 pm (Photography)

For every great shot a photographer gets, there’s at least 50-100 more that really…well….suck. (At least for me…I’m sure there are some real photographers out there who can nail a shot the first time around…but they’re missing out on the fun of weeding through a hundred bad shots!)

Just for fun….here are some of my less than perfect shots…

Oh the joys of working in plain manual. Sometimes you forget that yesterday you were taking a 1/4000 of a second exposure…
Gingerbread (24)

And sometimes you hand your camera off to your sister to hold, and she takes pictures…
(“hey—why is the screen white?” was her reaction after she took this)

After you give her a quick mini-lesson on how to change the exposure, she’s off and running taking un-flattering pictures of your behind….

Now you’ve got your tripod set, remote out, and you’re setting your aperture and focal length…and your sister decides to have a mini-photo shoot….you’ve got to get back at her for the above photo, so you shoot away…






Gonna need the wide angle!

Ok—time to settle down and get to business…..or is it?


I really wish I knew what we were saying/doing here. All I can say is, yes, we are Italian…




Enough of that. The sun is setting….lets go to the bay to watch the sunset.
Hey—it looked clear on my little one inch screen!
(Sadly, I don’t even have a good shot of this–I thought it was clear and stopped there. And I swear I focused on my sister, locked the focus and then moved the camera, but I guess something went wrong)


Lets go home and play with bokeh. Yeah–I guess I need to get the tripod out…

Gingerbread (7)

And no, you can’t lick the bokeh
Even more Mickey Bokeh (13)

Or catch it in your hand…
Even more Mickey Bokeh (10)

And last but not least. I guess I do need a real macro lens if I want to photograph individual snowflakes…
First snowfall (5)



  1. Trish said,

    and the funny thing is we save ALL the shots. I find I have a difficult time hitting the delect button.

  2. sewin2disney said,

    I know! But I have to start seriously consider hitting that button—I’m running out of room on my hard drive!

  3. Courtney said,

    I love these!! ha ha!! I have so many just like these :O) It’s fun to hold onto the crazy out takes! Looks like y’all had a lot of fun!

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