Because It’s Two Bare Feet On the Dashboard…

December 14, 2010 at 11:07 pm (Photography)

Young love and an old Ford
Cheap shades and a tatoo and a Yoo Hoo
Bottle on the floorboard
Perfect song on the radio
Sing along ’cause it’s one we know
It’s a smile, it’s a kiss
It’s a sip of wine, it’s summertime

…..except it’s not. Kenny Chesney’s song “Summertime” just reminds me of lazy days at the Jersey Shore, something I love to do in the summer. But, who would have thought that I would get to the beach twice within two weeks? In the dead of winter nonetheless….

The first trip was with my sister- we set out in hopes of getting some decent shots of ourselves and some “sand writing” to put into a collage for my parents 35th anniversary. We went on one of the first really cold days here in NJ, but we were having so much fun, we hardly noticed!

Our favorite shot of the day (and for every good picture we got, there’s at least 50 more where our hair was blowing, one of us wasn’t looking, or we’re making stupid faces at each other….)
BW (10)



There was an awesome piece of driftwood on the beach….

….which we had a lot of fun with….

Practcing for “glamor shots” 🙂

It’s fairly difficult to take a picture of yourself with an SLR camera! But I actually put makeup on, so I had to document it!



I just love the color of the water here

Reflective moments…

Then a few weeks later, a friend asked if I wanted to go to Point Pleasant to walk the boardwalk and take some pictures. I never turn down the beach! So we headed out on a particularly bone chilling day, but it was worth it because the clouds were perfect, the sky was icy blue, and we found plenty of interesting things to photoraph. And bonus- I got to play with my new fisheye lens!

Practicing creating a “starburst” effect with the sun

The trippy looking fun house looks even more trippy with a wide angle lens!

Edited a bit…
photo 2

Taking out my macro lens, I captured a beautiful pink flower (how it was living and thriving in this bitterness was beyond me!)


I miss the feeling of sand between my toes…

Can’t resist a picture of a berry!

More amazing skies….and a particulary good starburst!






I’m going to end with a picture that I way over-edited, but I love the colors.
photo 3



  1. Trish said,

    Each and every one is better than the next, you are a talented young lady. Beautiful photographs of you and her sister. Your mom and dad will treasure them. I totally understand the 50:1 ratio! B and I took 260 and have only several we really like.

    It has been a pleasure to be out shooting with you, reguardless of the bitter cold air, biting winds and ice covered docks. The sounds of the surf are welcoming no matter what time of the year. Thanks for helping to recourage me to take better photos. Soon as the weather warms up a bit, I promise to go manual!

  2. sewin2disney said,

    You’re making me blush!
    Thank you’s go to you too—I wouldn’t have gotten ANY of these shots if I hadn’t gone out with you—and I’ve learned so much in the process (I’d still be taking a hundred shots trying to get the exposure right, not even paying attention to the little bar that tells me if it’s right…lol). Plus you got me out doing something I enjoy during this difficult time in my personal life—and that’s the best part of all.

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