Photographic Journies

December 7, 2010 at 5:56 pm (Holidays, Photography)

In attempt to make my crafts look better for my blog, I’ve been trying to better my photography skills. I’ve had a DSLR since I graduated from college (in 2006), and while I did take a class in college (in 2002), I didn’t really know how to use all the great features a DSLR offers. I’ve vowed to leave the camera on manual mode, and start learning the in’s and out’s of aperture and shutter speed.
In the process, I’ve taken some pictures I’m particularly proud of, and although there’s no coherent theme here, I’d like to “show off” some of them.

This is an early shot—meaning early attempt. The coloring is off, but I was playing with my f stops trying to blur the background.
I was particularly proud of this round of Bananagrams (one of my favorite games)
Bananagrams (2)

Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to be a food photographer (what kid says that? Oh yeah—this one). Again—the coloring is off, but I was working on blur here–which I achieved.
“Halloween Cupcakes”


One of my favorite subjects is my cats. Here’s my cat, Abby….the composition isn’t the best, but he wasn’t going to wear those glasses for long, so I had to jump at the opportunity I had!
“Making a specticle of Abby”
Abby n Silver Tree (9)

This has got to be the most photographed cat in history—Fluff-R-Nutter, or Fluff-Nut as we call her (she’s a nut alright!) tends to get herself in the cutest positions day in and day out. Here she is sitting in a box on the counter. If she can be in it or on it, she’s there. Like Visa—she’s everywhere you need to be…
Fluff in a box (4)

I love the way the sunlight is coming through the leaves, making them look like little bits of stained glass.
“So that’s why they call this season “fall””.
Raking Leaves (60)

In the midst of my new photography obsession, I decided that I needed more lenses. Then I realized that unemployment+expensive lenses does not = me….
So I “adopted” my dads old (older than me) lenses from a Minolta camera he has that no longer works. I bought a simple adapter, and with that inherited a 300mm zoom lens, 2x converter (which makes said 300mm lens a 600mm lens!), a fixed length 50mm lens (with a 1.4 aperture), and a macro lens.

One of the first things I did was strap on that 2x converter and the 300mm lens and try to photograph the “almost full” moon.
full moon 11 23 11 (6)

A bit of randomness for the day….
Retro Super Nintendo. ‘Nuff said…

Nintendo (24)

Nintendo (38)

I’m going to wrap up this long and wordy post with some pictures of bokeh. I could not wait for Christmas to get here so we could put up our tree and I could experiment with bokeh! This is how I spent my Thanksgiving…
Bookah (17)

Even more Mickey Bokeh (9)-1

Last Bokeh for tonight (4)


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