Pumpkin Pi

December 2, 2010 at 7:05 pm (General Crafting, Holidays)

Woops! I’m a month too late on this, but I just came across these pictures and realized I never posted them before!
My sister chaired an event at her school called “Pumpkin Chunkin” where engineers from the area built contraptions to “launch” pumpkins at targets for points. At the end of the event, there was a pumpkin carving contest with the leftover pumpkins. Seeing as I was at an engineering event – I decided to go full-on dork with my carving, and turn my pumpkin into pumpkin “pi”.


I added to the dork-ness by “googling” the first thousand numbers of pi, and writing it around the permiter of the cutout


And here I am, all proud of my creation!


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  1. 10.31.11 ~ 305/365 « Snapshots of Time ~ 2011 ~ 365 Day Project said,

    […] past few years I’ve even taken it upon myself to even make the design that I will be carving (Pumpkin Pi anyone? How about Cinderella Castle and a Jeep? Or maybe you want a Mickey Mouse design and another […]

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