Cooking Mama Makes a Comeback!

November 15, 2010 at 12:25 am (General Crafting, Holidays, Sewing)

I have great news! About a week after the Cooking Mama Contest was over (which I didn’t win….sadface), I was notified by the lovely moderators of Craftster to let me know that the company that makes Cooking Mama decided to send out a few “consolation prizes” and they picked me to receive one! A few days later, I welcomed the newest Mama game, Crafting Mama, into my DS collection. Also in the package was a Cooking Mama stylus and a Cooking Mama purse. Craftster asked me to send a few pictures of Mama “enjoying” her prize, so I thought I’d share them here as well.

To follow along with the “story” of the original post, I hereby give you part 2 in the installment, “Cooking Mama Wins”!

The Craftster contest was a nailbiter! I had worked on the costume all month, spent the better part of a day photographing and writing up my project, then came a week of nervously checking Craftster to see what else was being entered, and then a looooong two weeks of voting. On the last day of voting, Mama checked Craftster obsessively for the results, and finally at around 8:00 that night, discovered that she had come in fourth.

Boy were Mama’s eyes flaming!
Cooking Mama Won (2)

Fortunately, the phrase “Don’t Worry, Mama Will Fix It” was about to come true—except the nice people at Craftster and Cooking Mama fixed it! They contacted Mama and said they’d like to send her a prize package with the game and a purse!

As soon as Mama got the package in the mail, she sat right down on the steps and began playing!
Cooking Mama Won (23)

Before heading in, she held a mini fashion show in the front yard showing off her new game and purse!
Cooking Mama Won (18)

Then she headed inside where she spent the remainder of the day (and night….and week…..) playing her new game!
Cooking Mama Won (9)

And they lived happily ever after.
The End.

So while not as exciting as the first installment of the story—it does have a happy ending. And that’s all that matters, right?


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