How to vote for your favorite Mama costume!!

October 12, 2010 at 2:02 pm (General Crafting)

Some people have been asking me how to vote for my Cooking Mama costume in the Craftster challenge, so I’m going to write up directions and send everyone here to follow them.

Before you can vote, you need to register with the website.
Go to

At the top of the page, in the center, there is a login area, it’ll say “Welcome Guest, please login or register” Click on the word register, and follow the directions on the page. Before you hit submit, make sure you unclick the box at the bottom that says “do you wish to receive the Craftster Newsletter?”. After you hit submit, it will send a confirmation email to your email. Open up your email, find the confirmation, and click on the link within that email to confirm your registration. After you have confirmed, you can now login to the Crafster website. At the top, enter your user name and password, choose how long you wish to be logged in for, and hit Login.

Now you should be on the Craftster homepage. Scroll down a bit, and you will see four sections of projects, arranged in a block formation. The bottom right section is for the Craftster Challenge. Click on “Pixelate Mama” and a new page will open. The poll will be at the top of the webpage. Scroll down to the last option (“Who Wouldn’t Want to *BE* Mama – Cooking Mama Costume”), select the little bubble next to that title, and hit submit.
Here is a direct link to the voting area:


  1. Helene said,

    good luck

  2. sewin2disney said,

    Thanks! And thanks again for voting!

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