100th Post!

October 6, 2010 at 6:27 pm (Disney, General Crafting, Holidays)

Wow! My 100th post on this blog! I wish I had something more Epic to share (too bad I wasted my Epic-ness for the month on post 99…..), but it’s still cool nonetheless.

Last year, while I was in Disney for Halloween, I saw this shirt:
Halloween Shirt

Unfortunately, seeing as we arrived ON Halloween, the shirt was mostly sold out (Christmas stuff was on it’s way in already!) and they didn’t have my size, so I took a picture of it. (Sensing a theme here? )

So just like my Christmas shirt from last year I made a freezer paper template of the 3 Mickey’s and begain to brush on thin layers of fabric paint.


About 8 layers of paint later, it seemed to be “bright” enough, and I peeled off the freezer paper.
And Voila!



Did I forget to mention the best part? The last 3 layers on the ghost were of glow in the dark paint!



  1. Mrs. Broome said,

    Dana – don’t think I know another person as into *o* as you are…. Love your work!
    Can hardly wait to “vote” on Cooking Mama costume! xoxo cpb

  2. sewin2disney said,

    Thank you!! You need to start a blog to show off all of your BEAUTIFUL work!!

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