Craftster Challenge – Pixelate Mama

September 30, 2010 at 6:20 pm (General Crafting, Holidays, Sewing)

This month’s challenge was to “Pixelate Mama”. As you can see from my prior post (see “Don’t Worry, Mama Will Fix It!), I love the video game “Cooking Mama”, and this month’s challenge on Craftster was to take Mama’s image and re-create it in a pixelated fashion. Was this contest made for me or what? The prize package is what really sweetened the pot for me—a copy of every Mama game ever made (including the soon to be released “Crafting Mama”!!!), anything from the Craftster shop, and your project featured on both the Craftster homepage and on the Crafting Mama page. Heeellloooooo—-I MUST win this!!

So onto the actual project. This is Craftster, so no little project will do. It must be Epic (yes—with a capital E). I toyed around with perler beads, tile mosaic, cross stitch, beads, etc. A “time to cook” clock idea floated around in my head (I still might do that), along with embroidered kitchen towels, a perler bead magnet set, and a few other things. But none of them were EPIC! I don’t know when the idea actually hit me, but I decided to be Cooking Mama. As in for Halloween. An Epic Halloween costume. Yes–that’s it. Now, what to make the “Pixel” images out of? Squares of felt? Beads? Nope–you guessed it—not Epic enough.
a (1)

SEQUINS!! Yes! I’ll pixelate her face out of sequins!

I started out by sketching her face onto some construction paper.

a (2)

Then I transferred that image onto some ½ inch foam, and cut it out.

a (3)

I then cut out some flesh colored lycra slightly larger than the foam head, and gently wrapped it around the foam as if I was re-covering a cushion.

Be careful of that hot glue gun though! OUCH! This is what happened after the tip of my ring finger grazed some freshly placed hot glue, and in a state of panic, I ripped it off….along with the top few layers of skin. Yeah….this put a damper on the project for a little while….

a (5)

But, all was ok, and I was able to finish wrapping the foam. (Sorry for the blur here—I had left my camera in my fiancé’s car, and have taken all of these pictures so far with my cell phone.)

a (6)

Then I painted on the basic elements of Mama’s face. I did this for two reasons—one to give me an idea of where to place the sequins, and two, so that the areas between the sequins would have nice color as well.

a (7)

The next step I don’t have a picture of. Take a look back at that first picture of sequins. Yes…it’s a multi pack of sequins. And it must be separated. This took hours. I separated it into black, clear, brown, silver, two shades of pink, etc. I separated and separated. And separated.

After I had piles of all my colors, I began gluing the sequins down, one row at a time. I used a ruler to make sure my lines of glue were straight to really give it the pixilated look. Here is her kerchief done, and her hair outlined.

a (8)

Here I am lying each sequin down. By the time I got to the eyes and hair I got smart and started using a toothpick instead of my glue-covered fingers.

a (12)

Close up

a (14)

I don’t have a picture of the finishing process, but I finished off the back of the head with some fusible white felt to make it neat, glued a foam hat from the dollar store on the back, and glued on a few layers of netting for the mouth. I also made Mama’s apron and some felt food for the photo shoot!

Stay tuned for the pictures of the final product!!


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