Mickey Pumpkin Centerpiece

September 14, 2010 at 12:50 am (Disney, Holidays, Poylmer Clay)

Like it or not, fall is coming. Although I refuse to give up the flip flops and I mourn the day the pool has to get closed, I guess I have to succomb to the fact that fall is on its way.

I made myself feel a little better about it by making this fall-themed (and Disney-themed) table centerpiece!


The Mickey Pumpkins themselves are made of Sculpey clay. I balled up some foil, ran the clay through my pasta machine and covered the balls with three layers of clay. While they were baking away in the oven (pumpkin pie anyone?) I assembled the rest of the pieces for the project—a piece of wood for the base, small fall flowers, moss, and my trusty hot glue gun.


A bit of arranging later (and a few third degree burns from said trusty hot glue gun) I had my masterpiece! I love how the fact that the thin layers of clay “rippled” over the surface of the foil made it really look like a lumpy, imperfect pumpkin!


Can’t wait to display it!

It took me the better part of the day to create, but I’m so proud of it!


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