Kurt Halsey Sublime Stitching

September 7, 2010 at 12:38 am (General Crafting)

Be kind! This is my first attempt into embroidery!

My sister is a huge fan of a local artist, Kurt Halsey. Recently, she found this print that they sell as an embroidery iron on transfer, and I got the simple request of “make this please? k thanks” (Seriously–that’s all she wrote). Problem was, it was a small 4×4 print, and I have never embroidered before. So I printed the picture, traced it onto some fabric and got to work stitching.

Here’s a link to the print: http://www.sublimestitching.com/kurthalsey.html

Man is embroidery addictive!

I got this stitched up in one day, went out the next day and found this perfect frame and put it right in!
The stitching isn’t perfect, and the fabric is a bit wonky, but I think she’ll love it. Now I have to wait three weeks until her birthday to give it to her, and the wait is killing me!

Without adu….here it is!

A close up of the stitching:




I can’t wait to give it to her! And I can’t wait to begin my next needlework project—I’m loving the portability of this craft!



  1. Jenny Hart said,

    You did a wonderful job!

  2. saintsflowers said,

    I embarrass to show my first project. Great job.

  3. Zu said,

    It’s beautiful! You did a great job. 🙂 I just ordered that pattern today(along with some others) and I can’t wait to do it.

  4. sewin2disney said,

    Thank you!
    I’m glad I inspired someone to do the same!
    My sister loved it—gave it to her the other day!

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