Mickey Tye Dye

August 19, 2010 at 1:36 pm (Disney, General Crafting)

What screams summer more than “Tye Dye”?
Besides “Disney” of course….

How about combining them?


To start, make a Mickey head template:


Trace the outline onto the shirt where you want the Mickey head to appear:


Using dental floss (its much stronger, and you’ll need strong!), baste along the entire outline of Mickey:

After it has been basted all the way around, gently pull the threads to gather the head:


To rubber band the shirt, I held the Mickey head, then slowly twisted the shirt to make a “cinnamon roll”, then rubber banded it to make it look like a pizza:

Gather your dye—I prefer to put them into squeeze bottles because you can control where the color goes:

I dyed the Mickey first, then wrapped it up in plastic so the black didn’t touch any other part of the shirt too:

Start to slowly pour the dye onto the shirts:


I experimented—on one shirt I dyed every wedge a different color, and on the other shirt I dyed a few wedges in a row the same color. The shirt where I dyed a few wedges in a row the same color came out much much nicer:


Let sit for awhile (maybe a half hour or so), un-rubber band the shirts, and hang them to dry:


A close up of the one where I put the same color dye on 3 wedges in a row:


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