I Think Mother Nature Took Performance-Enhancing Drugs This Winter…

February 22, 2010 at 2:50 pm (Food, General Crafting, Glass, Photography)

Within the past 3 months, I think New Jersey has seen over 4 feet of snow….we’ve had 3 different major snow storms, each averaging over a foot of snow. In February alone, we had 2 major snowstorms within 5 days—that equals lots of days off from school—which also equals lots of crafting!

To start…a few pictures of all the pretty snow!


I’ve always wanted to see snow on the beach–so last week we went to Seaside.


And how the boardwalk should look—NO BENNIES!!

Since Christmas, my mom and I have wanted to make homemade pasta. What better time to do it, then when you have two days off? First we started with little balls of pasta dough.

Then we rolled them through the pasta machine

Artsy shot of the pasta:

And what goes better with homemade pasta then a fresh pot of homemade sauce?

Mmmmm…..all done. It was delicious!

We were lucky to get the last picture when we did – shortly after we started eating, the power went out due to the heavy snow on the lines. It came on a few minutes later, but it was cool sitting there in the dark, eating homemade pasta, watching the snow swirl around outside of you. That must be what its like to live inside a snowglobe.

The next day brought another snow day, so I made some glass.
Valentines day was coming up. A simple black piece with a hand cut copper heart in the middle:

I was into stripes that day:

Lots of browns and greens – my Brady Bunch collection as I called it….


Two Disney ones:

And clearly, I was wishing it was summer…..

And finally…lots o dots:

And that’s it for now! Although…I hear there’s another snowstorm predicted for the end of the week…..


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  1. Dana said,

    I Love your blog. You’re a girl after my own heart… not to mention my own name lol!!

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