Surprise!! You’re turning 30!

December 20, 2009 at 5:44 pm (General Crafting)

My fiance turned 30 in late November. For the past 3 years, I have constantly made fun of him because he is a few years older then me, and would be turning 30 before me. I had joked with him saying that we had to have a big blowout party, but he always declined. For awhile, I was planning on throwing him a surprise party, but the plans fell through early on.
About a month before his birthday, his mom contacted me, and asked if I wanted to help her plan a surprise party. Would I? I jumped right on board!
I went over with a list of ideas—the first being a “throwback” to the 70’s and 80’s party- and we quickly agreed that it would be perfect.
We brainstormed, worked, emailed and texted, and before you knew it, we had everything together. We planned every last detail, right down to an elaborate plan to get him to the party (which worked swimmingly—he never suspected a thing!)

Besides an 80’s themed playlist, a retro-looking Atari system set up on a big screen TV, I made everything look like it was from the decade.

My big project was a Pacman Cake. I took sheetrock, painted it black, and using construction paper, made the “outline” for the paths that Pacman takes. I also made some of his ghosts….Inky and Pinky to be exact (Blinky and Clyde couldn’t make it that day…). We made a simple circle layer cake with a chunk taken out for Pacman, and over 50 cupcakes for the “dots” that he eats. When it was all set up, it was pretty cool.


Another big project of mine was the envelope box. I took a large box, covered it with black construction paper, and then rounded square construction paper to make a large Rubix Cube. The fake envelope on top has letters cut out from my Cricut machine.

The centerpieces were record bowls that I made, resting on a flat record. The record bowl was filled with retro-themed candy, and then surrounded by Play-doh and slinkys. The sign on top told the guests to fill their candy box with candy as the favor, and to have fun playing with the toys. I designed and glued the lables to all of the favor boxes as well.




Last, we had a table set up with some vintage toys, and some of my fiance’s toy’s from his childhood. The table was a big hit as people loved taking a trip down memory lane!

And the night wouldn’t be complete without glow bracelets.
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