Back To School – Kindergarten edition!

November 29, 2009 at 6:27 pm (Disney, General Crafting)

Now that I’m a Kindergarten teacher, I can really do the whole Disney thing, and know that the students will really appreciate and love it! Here’s some of the stuff I made for the classroom this year.

The back to school bulletin board—Cars themed. I even made mini license plates for each student.

My door—all the students names are written on admission tickets–and the sign says “Admission to the Magical World of Kindergarten”. The word welcome was written with my Cricut machine—its awesome!


Birthday wall:

Nemo’s Numbers:


Their job chart is Mickey’s Helping Hands

For Behavior, we have the Pixie Dust Jar. Everytime the class, as a whole, is being good, or gets a compliment from another teacher, they get a pixie dust ball (cotton balls covered with glitter). When the jar is full, they get a prize (extra recess, popcorn party, etc). The jar was an old Bug Catcher jar that I painted the lid of and made a label.


Close up of the pixie dust balls:


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