She Sells Sea Shells By The Seashore

July 27, 2009 at 1:26 am (General Crafting)

Or “She Collects Sea Shells By the Seashore” might be more accurate….
I act like such a benny when I go to the beach, and must take one good trip up and down the shoreline collecting shells. What I’ll ever do with the amount of shells, I’ll never know.
Today, I did put three shells to good use. I had three white shells with natural holes in the top of them. I also had a bag of “beads” (I quote them because they’re not beads of sorts, but flat shell-like pieces with holes in them) that fit within the shell. Add a jump ring or two, and you have an instant necklace! I made three – the brown/teal one is mine, the pink/purple one is my mom’s and the yellow/lime one is my sisters.

Shell Necklace (2)

Shell Necklace (3)

Shell Necklace (5)

Shell Necklace

Here’s the backside – I suppose you could wear it either way – showing the shell side or showing the beaded side.
Shell Necklace (1)

And on this one, you can see the hole
Shell Necklace (4)


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