I heart engineering purse

July 22, 2009 at 3:10 pm (Sewing)

Finally! Summer is here for real! (and it’s what? July 22nd?) My vacations are over (sniff sniff), my class is over (hurray!) and now I can craft.
First up – a purse for my sister, a college engineering major, who’s turning 21 next month. The square root of negative 1 is “I” (for infinate number or something like that….), hence the “I love engineering” pocket on the front.


I machine embroidered the word “engineering” and my mom hand embroidered the square root sign and the heart. (ignore the color of the fabric here – it’s much greener)

We got the fabric in Lancaster, PA last year. Lime green is my sister’s favorite color (she even custom painted her Jeep to match!), and as soon as we saw this fabric, we knew it had to be made into a bag for her (too bad it took over a year…..)

And then we lined it with an even more hideous green floral print fabric.

And a few more random shots of the bag



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