Happy Dr. Seuss Day

March 22, 2009 at 7:45 pm (General Crafting, Photography, Sewing)

So it’s a month late…..
I made some Cat In the Hat hat’s for some teachers, and couldn’t resist turning my sisters cat into the real Cat in the Hat….I’m still surprised she stayed still that long…

Abby and Fluffy (13)

And for good measure….here’s the actual hat. No pattern—I just wung it.
Abby and Fluffy (18)

And….on Read Across America Day, we celebrated with a snowstorm. Mother Nature dumped over a foot of snow (something I haven’t seen since I was in Middle School in the mid-90’s.) I consider photography a form of art, so here’s some pictures I took with my DSLR.

Snowfall: March 2nd
Snow March 3 (30)

I loved how the snow stood on the fence posts like little soldiers….
Snow March 3 (15)

I went for a walk in the woods
Snow March 3 (18)

Pretty trees
Snow March 3 (31)

I found this in the woods. How an icicle formed sticking out in the air is beyond me….
Snow March 3 (33)

I loved how the holly leaves formed little “cups” of ice
Snow March 3 (63)

A lone berry
Snow March 3 (65)

This is the icicles outside my bedroom window
Snow March 3 (3)


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