More glass!

February 17, 2009 at 12:28 am (Glass)

I may never get tired of showing off my glass!
Heres the three most recent!

Before and after. The little pieces are “beads” that my mom and I are so into. You stick scraps into the kiln and they form perfect little balls—to be used later!

a (3)

Another set
a (4)

a (5)

And a third set. With this set, we started to branch out and used copper wire in some of the pieces.


A pretty kick-butt Starbucks Frappachino Bottle:

And without further adu—-the close ups of my favorites:
I’m in love love love with this one
a (13)

And a very similar one, but with different colors
a (12)

I used 2 pieces of blue to get that deep sea blue. I love how the frit combined with the blue makes it look like the shoreline
a (8)

Retro TV!
a (20)

The whole reason for making the glass beads—the steelers logo–in honor of the superbowl of course
a (7)

a (10)

a (11)

Easy peasy striped ones:
a (19)

a (18)

A small but colorful piece
a (9)

Happy Valentines Day!
a (15)


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