Marbled Paper

February 16, 2009 at 11:47 pm (General Crafting)

Hurray for days off from school! I had a four day weekend this week (thank you Mr. Presidents) and I vowed to spend one of them crafting. I’ve gotten far away from crafting lately because I’m so busy with something else—-but I got in that sewing room today and didn’t come out until dinner!

I cleaned a corner of my sewing room, and came across a newspaper article that I had clipped exactly one year and one week ago. It was about someone who was giving a class for children on how to marble paper. I took that as a sign and immediately set out to do that today.

I didn’t come up with too much when I researched marbling on the internet, but I found a few tidbits of advice. I learned that you need liquid starch to “hold” the paint, and the paint has to be thinned with water and soap. Just how much water and soap was a nice long experimental period this afternoon—but that’s ok—it’s half the fun!

Here’s my supplies before I began. Liquid starch found at shop rite and dish soap/pan found at dollar store. Everything else (acrylic paint, straws, newspaper, cardstock, paint tray) found at home.

I mixed up some paints. After an hour or so, I discovered that the less soap and more water the better. My concoctions were probably 90% water, 7% paint and 3% soap. At first I had 90% soap and 10% water—-didn’t really work.
Artsy shot of my paints:

Here’s the paint chilling on the surface

After the design looks the way you like it (thanks to the straw or toothpick), gently lower paper onto the surface, making sure that no bubbles get trapped underneith (they’ll just be white blobs on the surface)

Gently rinse the paper, and lay flat to dry. Viola—you have pretty paper!

Here’s some more:






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