Rewind to Christmas

January 25, 2009 at 7:28 pm (Disney, General Crafting)

So I’m a month late….
Better late then never!
I didn’t make too much this year in the way of Christmas presents. The two main things I made were Mickey Mouse Wreaths for my boyfriend’s relatives and a Rock Band/Guitar Hero guitar stand for my boyfriend.

Let’s start with the wreaths. There are 4 different Mickey wreaths—each with a different theme.

The silver one:

An artsy-fartsy shot of the silver one:

The red/green one:

The gold one:

And the burgundy one:

Now there’s the guitar stand. My boyfriend (and admittedly I) are obsessed with Rock Band and Guitar Hero. He owned 2 guitars at Christmas, but I knew he wanted a 3rd. His mother always complains that his guitars (and their wires) are always all over the floor, so I designed a stand to keep them off the floor, neat, and protected. I drew the plans, and my dad helped me assemble it. The base and main pole for the stand are octogonal, and 2 dowels were used for the arms. Four rubber 2inch hooks were added to hold the guitars and microphone. The whole thing was spray panted black when done.


The top:


And some “in use” shots:

All this talk about being obsessed with Rock Band reminded me that I also made us matching “band” shirts using the Rock Band logo. I’ll have to get some pictures of that and post them too. They’re pretty cool.


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