Jeep Wrangler Cake!

July 21, 2008 at 1:06 am (Food)

Today is my mothers birthday, and I made her this Jeep Wrangler Cake!
My family has 3 wranglers total—so we’re a little obsessed. I got this SUV cake pan at a Garage Sale about a month or two ago. It’s an older Wilton pan, but was never used…..still had the paper stuck to it! A few adjustments, and it made a great Jeep cake pan.

I can’t wait for my birthday (less then a month!) so I can make it again!

Here’s the cake:
Moms Jeep Cake good (32)

Here is the cake pan I used:
wilton pan

From the front—love the way the grass came out!
Moms Jeep Cake good (33)

From the back:
Moms Jeep Cake good (29)

From the top:
Moms Jeep Cake good (30)

Close Up of the tire (tire size is a big thing in the world of Wranglers. My tires are the biggest out of all of ours, but for the day, I made my mom’s large too….lol)
Moms Jeep Cake good (28)

Hmm….so this is what the inside of a Jeep (cake) looks like…..
Moms Jeep Cake (11)



  1. Jean Wnuk said,

    YUMMY! Dana, you are so creative! My Jeep Wrangler would end up looking like a VW Bug!

  2. Amy said,

    AWESOME!!! Just got my FIRST YJ 92 Wrangler and have been looking for a cake pan – found the one you have but not the cj5 pan… excellent job! I’m going to use your idea!! Can’t wait for the JEEP Jam coming up next week!!

    • sewin2disney said,

      I still can’t believe I scored that pan! Next up—-a three dimensional Jeep cake!

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