Got a moment to create?

June 30, 2008 at 2:22 pm (Sewing)

Wow—-I haven’t posted anything in an entire month!
The end of the school year, combined with 2 trips to Disney (yes two—within a 3 week time period!) and a little bit of work made for almost no time to spend in the sewing room.
Last week though, I got really inspired and spent a little bit of time in the sewing room almost every day for the week. At the end of the week, I had two things to show for it—a new purse, and a new one-of-a-kind shirt.

First up is the purse. I had bought the pattern and fabric for this probably 2 or 3 years ago. I bought the fabric at Quilting Possibilities—but when they were in their old building! That shows you how long ago it was!
It’s a simple lantern bag, and I made a few modifications because I wanted to use three coordinating fabrics instead of two. The “inspiration” fabric was the polka dot fabric used in the pleats and on the pocket—-I wish it showed more because I love the colors on it!

The purse:

Lying flat so you can see the pleats:

Inside pockets—one for cell phone, one for camera, and two for pens:

And here is the shirt I designed. I wanted to make a cinched bandeau type top, but with a full panel. I made a mock-up out of lycra, but the fabric was too thick to work out. I’ll still wear it—but only in the privacy of my backyard (it’s strapless—so its perfect for lying out and tanning!)
I had bought this piece of moleskin at JoAnns a long time ago—it was in the small remnant pile. It was the perfect amount for this shirt. The contrasting bandeau and “side vents” are actually 3 layers of georgette fabric that matched the maroon in the print of the main fabric.

Here’s the front of the shirt. Maybe someday I’ll take a better picture then this “reflection in the mirror” pic

Here is the shirt lying flat. It is strapless, but because it isn’t a knit, and has a zipper on the side, it fits perfectly, and I don’t feel like I have to be holding it up all night.

Detail of the bandeau top:

When I “measured” myself to make the pattern, I did not take into account the fact that my hips are larger then my waist….lol. So after my first fitting I realized that while it fit perfectly from my chest to my waist, I had an 8 inch gap at the bottom that didn’t touch. So I seam wripped a few inches up each side, and added a “detail vent”. It looks like it belongs there, but it was really out of neccessity!


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