More Fused Glass

May 2, 2008 at 2:20 pm (Glass)

I spent a lot of my free time last few weeks in the crafts studio at school. I was also able to finally teach my group how to fuse glass last Tuesday. Here’s my latest batch of fused glass.

And, as of last week, I am also the proud new owner of a kiln! I found a “Free to a creative home” kiln on Craig’s List, and I went up to Red Bank last Tuesday to pick it up. The woman inherited the kiln from a friend, but has never used it, so here’s hoping it actually works!

Here is some of my newest fused glass. There’s not too much here because I wasn’t too pleased how a lot of them came out, and I had quite a few that cracked during the cooling stage.

Stanley the fish:

Java Blue


Fireworks (this one is very dimensional in person)

Spring Leaf

Sizzly Egg

Sun shower

and that’s it! I only have 2 more weeks of school, so there won’t be many more 😦
It was fun though!


1 Comment

  1. bearwolftigerlion said,

    ah! cute! stanley and the egg are my favorite.

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