Disney Princess Hair Bow/Memoribilia Holder

May 2, 2008 at 2:32 pm (Disney, General Crafting, Sewing)

I made these for my bf’s cousins for their Communion this weekend. They are a spin off of the ribbon hair bow holders my sister and I had as children. Instead of a ribbon on a hook, there are multiple ribbons coming off of a bodice. I designed them to look like the girls’ favorite Disney Princesses–two Aurora’s (Sleeping Beauty) and one Belle (Beauty and the Beast). I used masonite for the bodice, and sewed a little “slipcover” for it out of the fabric. I then gathered tulle and organza for the skirt, and cut ribbons to hang the hair bows off of. Add some ribbon, pearls, flowers, mini clothespins and extra tulle, and you’ve got a Princess Hair Bow holder!
Two together:

Aurora Bodice

Belle Bodice

The matching hair clip for Belle

The matching hair clip for Aurora




1 Comment

  1. learnhowtomakebows said,

    Absolutely amazing!! Beautiful hair bow holder and hair bows!


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