Fused glass – part 2!

April 9, 2008 at 6:06 pm (Glass)

(For Part 1- see below!)

Last week I posted pictures of my first attempts of fused glass. One of the professors, and my friend, taught me how to layer the glass and properly heat it. I had to go to class, so he said he’d baby sit my pieces for me.
Since i had made so many, we put the pieces into the large kiln. Unfortunately, they got too hot too fast, and stayed hot for too long—-so my pieces “morphed” into blobs.
Yesterday, we cut down some of my blobs, and decided to re-heat them. This time, we put them into a smaller kiln that doesn’t get quite as hot. I also stuck around and watched them so that I knew the exact time to unplug the kiln and allow them to properly cool down. Since we were firing up the kiln, I decided to make a few more pieces to throw in there as well. I didn’t use proper “fusing” glass for this, I just dug into the scrap bucket. But, I love the way they came out anyway!

So without further adu, I present fused glass—-part 2!

Here are my pieces on the kiln shelf before they were “melted”. They look all gross and primitave:

lowering the lid:

and halfway through the fusing process. I loved how they were glowing red!

And now the pieces:
this one is so beachy

this one represents an orange:

this one is one of my originals. It’s also one of my favorites. It’s a lime green translucent base, with pieces of dichrotic glass on top. There’s also matching earrings. Unfortunately, it didn’t photograph well. It’s much more vibrant in person:

I love the colors in this one, but I might saw off the uneveness and re-melt it

I loved the colors of this one so much I made two:

This one reminds me of the ocean with the blues and greens

Another one of my favorites—I kind of like the air bubbles:

This was the lattice one from last week. I can’t beleive it’s a blob now! But I still love it.

And this one is also from last week. This is dichrotic glass on dichrotic glass. It didn’t photograph too well though.


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