Jeep week.

March 23, 2008 at 1:33 am (General Crafting, Resin)

I’ve done quite a bit of Jeep-related crafting over my spring break.
First up is another bleached shirt (see “bleachy goodness” post).
I bought this shirt on amazing clearance at Kohls and attempted to free hand a jeep design on it. It didn’t bleach as well as my other shirt, but it’s growing on me

A close up of the design

The whole shirt

Next is what happens when you mix shrinky dinks with resin—-custom Jeep Wrangler pendants to be proudly worn on your neck or off of your keys!
Mine: (a little bit of glitter snuck into mine on accident)

My moms: (her’s has just a little bit of glitter)

My sisters: (hers is packed with lime green glitter)

And last—we dyed easter eggs today—here’s my Jeep Egg (not so good—but hey–it’s the best I could do on a round surface using hot wax and dyes…lol)


1 Comment

  1. Jean Wnuk said,

    Wow Wow Wow. When are you going to come work for us?

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