Bleachy Goodness

March 17, 2008 at 1:04 am (General Crafting)

Once upon a time I was wearing a grey shirt. On top of that grey shirt I was wearing a sweatshirt—-and in true nature—spilled something on it. I immediately ran to get the bleach pen to blot out the spot……not realizing that the bleach would run through the sweatshirt onto this t-shirt. What resulted was a little pink splotch in the middle of my grey t-shirt.
Being a true crafter, I didn’t throw away the t-shirt, but rather just put it in the back of my drawer, knowing that some day I would come up with something to “fix” this shirt.

Recently, I came across this free camera stencil:
and printed it out.

The other day, it came to me to combine the shirt and the stencil. I would cover up that bleacy part with part of the stencil….but instead of painting the stencil…..I would bleach the stencil.

Today I found some crafting time on my hands, so I broke out the stencil tool, and cut the stencil out of some plastic. Then I got the bleach pen, and “colored in” the stencil. I quick dip in some vinegar water to stop the bleaching process, and then a spin in the washer, and you have this:

The whole shirt:

A close up of the camera:

On the right sleeve I drew some film:


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