Resin: The next wave….

February 11, 2008 at 6:02 pm (Resin)

I can’t stop resining! Here’s “wave” two and three of my resin expedition.

First up is some Disney resin pieces. The one on the left is one of my favorites—-it’s just three tiny punched Mickey’s. They are brown, blue, and orange. The one on the right is a piece from an old Disney trivia game I got at a thrift store. I sprinkled glitter on it from the back, and it sunk through the mickey shaped hole, forming a mickey shaped pile of glitter (it’s hard to tell from this picture though)

One more Disney one—and a candy conversation heart– Both of these were done in bottle caps

This was a shirt that I had wanted from Delia’s, but is no longer available—so I printed out the picture and stuck it in some resin:

These two are for a friend of mine. She had these M&M’s made for her bridal shower, and I just came across them. I put them into some resin to turn into a keychain for her and her husband.

Here are some candy inspired resin. The one on the right is more M&M’s from my friend’s bridal shower, the two in the middle are Candy Heart Runts, and the one on the right are springtime sprinkles.

More candy inspiredness—-these are both candy conversation hearts and glitter:

Even more conversation hearts. The one on the left is for my sister who is away at college. The one in the middle is for me–hehe—and the one on the right is just because “go fish” was the most random heart ever.

One last heart. This one is for my bf for valentines day. He emails me all day while he’s at work—on the back is a small mickey confetti too.

Yeah–I’m thinking ahead to Halloween—-but candy corn is one of my favorite foods

That’s it for now! There are two stuck in the mold that I’ll have to add later.


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