Remy from Ratatoullie!

February 11, 2008 at 6:12 pm (Crochet, Disney)

I just finished Remy last night. He was supposed to be a gift, but as soon as his eyes were done being embroidered and he came “alive”, I just couldn’t bear to give him up—-he is just too adorable!
Here he is head on:

Again from the front:

A close up of his adorable little face:

Side view—I love how the tail came out!

One more shot looking at him from above:

I used Aunt Lydia’s Shimmer Fashion Yarn in Light Blue for the main part of the body, pink cotton embroidery floss (two strands) for the feet, hands and tail, and some left over white yarn for the chef hat.
I may make another one—this time I think I’ll use a smaller hook for the body. I don’t like how you can see the stuffing. Also, I think I’d add a little bag filled with sand on the bottom to use as a weight so he’d stand up better. Other then that, it was a great (free!) pattern!

Here’s a link to the pattern:


1 Comment

  1. Jennifer said,

    OMG! That is so cute! I want one!

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