Sushi! (yes again….)

February 7, 2008 at 11:50 pm (Food)

Food is considered an art form, and if anything, sushi is one of the coolest food art forms, so I’m putting it on here.
Its no secret that sushi is my favorite food, and tonight, I finally made it. I had the mat that I purchased in Disney years ago (in the Japan pavilion in Epcot), and on my most recent trip in January, I bought a pack of 10 sheets of Nori.
Using the “Make my Sushi” website, and their awesome flash videos, I learned how to properly roll my roll, how to cut the cucumber, and most importantly, how to make japanese-style sticky rice out of plain white rice.
Here’s the website:

And here’s my sushi!
First I started with my piece of Nori on the mat

Then I spread my sticky rice over all but the top inch.

Next I put in my fillings. I thinly cut cucumbers, avocados and carrots. Here we have cucumbers and avocados:

And then…..roll!

Here is my first roll all finished!

And all of the rolls cut up and arranged all prettily. Note to self: time to purchase those cool square japanese plates.

My attempt at an “artsy” shot. If I wasn’t so eager to try them, I could have taken the time to get the lighting right, but I wanted to try them!

And in keeping with the Japanese theme—here is my first japanese character. I made it this past week, and was taught by a Japanese calligraphist. This means wish.


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