Throwback to my childhood

January 25, 2008 at 2:40 pm (General Crafting)

Last week, I had the unsustainable urge to play with Perler Beads (ya know–those impossibly tiny beads that you line up on a peg board, and then iron to seal). So I went to AC Moore and bought a huge tub of beads—-22,000 to be exact (my mom thinks we should count them to be sure…..). Last night, I sat down with my old box of Perler Beads (I can’t believe I still have it!) that has all of the boards, and “pegged” away. After a few hours, I now have a set of 8 retro Super Mario Brother’s themed coasters, and a perler bead Jeep–fashioned after my own, of course.

Set #1—all of the things that might come out of a question mark block:

I had so much fun with set #1, I went right onto set #2—Mario and a Boo—and my Jeep.


I plan on making even more (Now I’ve got the original instruction book in front of me for inspiration…..) It’s going to be a long day!


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